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Eric Rakov

An avid drawer and art student, attended Rochester Institute of Technology and earned a BFA in Graphic Design and an AA in Illustration. After graduation he got swept into the Internet frenzy of the late 90’s and joined a tech startup designing websites, which eventually led to a successful career in IT project management. After an extended "creativity hiatus", Eric met his wife Nikki (a fellow artist) in 2014 and the creative side of him was re-awakened.


Eric enjoys many forms of 2D media including drawing, acrylic paint and oil paint. His specialty is cut-paper mixed media using printed magazines primarily. He applies the media in a very painterly-style, building colors in layers that overall create an impressionistic version of the image.  For Eric, the most enjoyable part of the process is being in the thick of the work itself, fully transfixed and losing track of time while in the act of creating a piece; the most difficult part of the process is knowing when to stop.


Eric has been an active member of the St. Augustine Art Association and currently serves on the Board as VP. He is married with two daughters and two stepsons. In addition to art he spends his free time playing guitar, traveling, fitness and donating money to his friends at the poker table.

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Current Exhibits

Eric's work is currently on display at the Butterfield Garage Art Gallery in historic St. Augustine, FL. 

He has been an active member of the St. Augustine Art Association for several years, and regularly shows work in the rotating exhibits at their gallery in historic St. Augustine, FL.  

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